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    Product innovation
    Research and development
    • Load analysis and product design
      Load analysis and product design
    • Research and development of high-performance metal materials
      Research and development of high-performance metal materials
    • Key process simulation calculation
      Key process simulation calculation
    • Research and development of heavy anti-corrosion technology
      Research and development on ultra anti-corrosion technology
    • Smart manufacturing
      Smart manufacturing
    • Operation monitoring
      Operation monitoring
    • High strength fastener material

      Grade 12.9 yield strength reaches 1100mpa and the tensile strength 1220mpa have been verified

      Grade 14.9 is in research

    • Lock nut

      Anti-loosing performance is better than Hardlock

      Easier to install and tightening coefficients are better than the traditional torquing method

      Reduce the frequency of maintenance to reduce the maintenance cost

    • Smart bolt monitoring system

      Measurement technology of optical fiber sensor

      ± 50N measurement accuracy

      Digital modeling, deep learning, automatic analysis, and notification

    • Zn-Ni co-cementation coating

      NSS test is 4000H, it is suitable for humid, coastal, and offshore areas

      No damage in installation, extrusion, and collision

      The torque coefficient is between 0.11 and 0.15, meets the requirements of wind power